2012 Winners
Our 2012 Awards were held on Thursday 20th September at Salford City Stadium! The winners and categories are listed below!

Big thanks to our category sponsors; PushON, Cardiac Science, Physio Control, Amazon Medical and Laerdal Medical.

Also big thanks to; Design Element Flowers, Event-Photos (click to see the pictures taken at the event), Fen Regis Trophies, Fundraising Auctions, GBM Group and L.A.S Manchester.

We would also like to thank Sasha Carter for her kind donation of her Olympic Torch to the event!


UK Heart Safe Life Saver of the Year – Tottenham Hotspur and Bolton Wanderers Medical Teams



In March of this year, Bolton Wanderer’s midfielder, Fabrice Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch during the FA Cup quarter-final tie at Tottenham Hotsupr’s ground White Heart Lane. Tottenham Hotspur’s medical team, together with the medical team of Bolton FC as well as the match day paramedics performed the on-pitch resuscitation for almost an hour before the player could be transported to hospital, where Doctor’s worked on him for another 30 minutes before his heart began to beat again. Thanks to the work of these two medical teams, Muamba has made a good recovery since the incident.

The award was presented by category sponsor defibshop.co.uk’s Senior Sales Manager, Paula Leech. Tottenham Hotspur’s Head of Medical Services Wayne Diesel told us: “We are so grateful and so humbled by this award. I certainly am just hoping that the awareness that we’ve created around the world by using a simple defibrillator and having paramedic’s onsite is testament to what can be done and that it does work and that it is worthwhile.”


UK Heart Safe Trainer of the Year – Ian Clegg

honh 109

Imperative Training and defibshop asked all their customers to nominate trainers they feel are a fantastic representation of the company and deliver the highest standard of training on a consistent/regular basis.

Imperative Training/defibshop were inundated with nominations and the top three nominations could only be separated by one vote and the winner was Ian Clegg. Ian has been working with Imperative Training / defibshop since 2006 and has delivered nearly 400 courses. He delivers a variety of training from first aid to food hygiene and is always looking to develop new skills and expand his portfolio of training courses he can deliver. He has recently been appointed a senior trainer as recognition to his commitment to the company.

Ian has a fantastic relationship with the team in the office, and they always look forward to his phone calls. Ian is without doubt someone you take an instant liking to because of his charismatic personality and his approachable demeanour. Imperative Training / defibshop are proud to say that Ian is one of their trainers.

The award was presented by imperative training’s Training Coordinator, Sarah Hallmark. Ian told us: “I’m very happy to win this award; I’d like to thank all the customers who voted for me. Thank you very much.”


UK Heart Safe Small Business of the Year – Dene Healthcare

img 1325


Dene Healthcare was established in February 2007 and in a very short time has become the North of England’s preferred practice provider. The main focus of the business is to supply doctors surgeries with everything they require including medical, pharmaceutical, stationary, janitorial and canteen supplies. Due to the dedication of the whole team at Dene Healthcare the company has gone above and beyond health and safety requirements and is able to conduct potential lifesaving procedures should the situation arise. Owing to the investment in equipment and staff training a fantastic A1 Heart Start Environment has been created. On top of all this Dene Healthcare also offers Defib and CPR training for its customers free of charge, thus spreading the Heart Start environment further and further afield.

The award was presented by Hand on Heart Trustee, Rachael Howarth. Craig Arnott accepted the award on behalf of the company and told us: “It’s been a tremendous honour, hopefully next year we will be back in the Medium Size company category, still doing the same good work and the year after as a Large Size company.”

UK Heart Safe Medium Business of the Year – Duradiamond Healthcare

paul mulligan and jo haigh who presented the award


Duradiamond Healthcare is a multi-disciplinary occupational health consultancy that offers a comprehensive range of services to clients across the UK. Duradiamond were appointed by the Olympic Delivery Authority under the guise of Park Health to provide a site based comprehensive Occupational Health service which included first response in event of an emergency and a drop-in treatment service. Park Health worked in collaboration with the local Primary Health Care Trusts to create a health and wellbeing plan that was underpinned by promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst the workers. They also worked alongside London Ambulance Service to train all Park Health nurses to become trainers in workplace defibrillation who in turn could then train first aiders on site to use an AED. Judges praised Duradiamond for their investment in employees and commitment to bringing contractors together to invest in a complete workplace defibrillation programme.

The award was presented by non-executive director of imperative training, Jo Haigh. Paul Mulligan, Director of Nursing at Duradiamond collected the award and said: “Very proud to receive this award on behalf of the Olympic Team, it was a great project and the London Ambulance Service was a great help to us!”


UK Heart Safe Tourism & Leisure Business of the Year – Overwater Marina

img 1308

Overwater Marina is an Inland Canal Marina based in Cheshire, who are committed to making sure their staff are proficient and confident to handle emergencies in the marina, company buildings, on boats and in the water. Overwater Marina were praised by judges for spreading the word through their family fun day, promoting safety and first aid, including first aid and AED demonstrations. The judges felt that Overwater Marina demonstrate commendable leadership setting the pattern for the leisure industry.

The award was presented by award judge and owner of Libra Communications, Peter Harris and was accepted by Anthony and Alex Davis.


UK Heart Safe Sports Venue/Stadium of the Year – Sutton Juniors FC

img 1314

Sutton Junior Football Academy was formed in 2008 by Jenny Leyland, MBE. Jenny and her team go above and beyond their requirements to check the health of their young players, by asking all players’ doctors to perform ECGs to check for abnormalities. The academy invested a lot of time into raising money for a defibrillator and training over new football equipment and kits. All club volunteers are first-aid and AED trained, and Jenny even invests time in visiting various clubs in the Warrington League to carry out training. Judges commended this small community club for working so hard to ensure that the families and coaches are aware of the problems that can occur on the football pitch at any time.


UK Heart Shopping Centre of the Year – Metrocentre

img 1305

Metrocentre believe that one of the most important criteria of managing a shopping centre is to look after the wellbeing of the shoppers and staff and ensure their comfort and safety. Metrocentre was a clear winner and as part of the ‘Better Health at Work’ scheme, the centre provides training for employees to ensure the centre can respond to any situation. As well as recognising how traumatic an event can be to not only the patient but also to the staff involved they offer free support following any incident. Earlier this summer the centre also held a three day ‘Healthy Heart Event’ teaching staff and shoppers CPR and increasing awareness of heart related illness.

The award was presented by category sponsor imperative training’s Senior Sales Manager Lyndsey Hope to Metrocentre’s Darren Faill.

The award was presented by category sponsor Physio Control’s District Sales and Marketing Manager, Paul Bean. Jenny accepted the award for Sutton Juniors and said: “We’re gobsmacked, we didn’t expect to beat Tottenham Hotspurs for a Heart Safe award but we’re thrilled to bits!”


UK Heart Safe Public Sector Organisation of the Year  – Cumbria & Fire Rescue Team

img 1299

Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service is committed to achieving a safer and stronger Cumbria through prevention and intervention activities. They are not only committed to reducing numbers of fires and road traffic accidents, they are committed to improving the health, economic and social wellbeing of their community. The judges commended Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service for going that extra mile to improve the health and wellbeing of their community, far beyond their core business. Their investment in community outreach schemes, resident training and engagement with younger audiences through social media means the service is highly deserving of this award.

The award was presented by local councillor, Cllr Howard Balkind. Val Ayre accepted the award on behalf of the team with Stuart Dolan and said: “We are absolutely delighted to win, we really didn’t expect it but we are truly pleased and can continue our work pushing defibrillators and Heart Start across all of the schools and all the organisations that we work with.”


UK Heart Not-For-Profit Business of the Year – HEARTBEAT

img 1294

HEARTBEAT are a voluntary organization who provide exercise classes and activities to its members, who have suffered from or have a high risk of cardiac arrest. The judges chose HEARTBEAT as their winner due to the group’s considerable growth the last 5 years, and the time they have invested in order to be able to offer a huge amount of support to its members, providing a heart safe environment whilst helping members stay healthy. They unfortunately could not be there on the night but their award was collected on behalf of them by presenter of the award Yvonne Alexander, University of Manchester Lecturer and Chair of the British Society for Cardiovascular Research.


UK Heart Safe Manufacturing Organisation of the Year – Airbus UK

img 1287

The company has a workforce of approx 7,000 employees on the Broughton site. Of those employees approx 300 individuals have taken on the role of First Aider, the majority of whom are trained to use one of the 27 defibrillators that are distributed across the site. The judges chose Airbus UK as their winner based on their many merits including their ongoing commitment to providing a heart safe environment by going above and beyond statutory requirements, including increasing the awareness of creating heart safe environment by holding activities such as an open day for the company’s trained fist aiders and the company’s own first aid awards.

This award was presented by category sponsor PushON’s Managing Director Simon Wharton.


UK Heart Safe Large Business of the Year – Ginsters

img 1334

Ginsters are a UK based chilled savoury food manufacturer who employ around 500 staff across 4 shifts. Following the sad death of an employee in 2009 the company completed an assessment of equipment and training and have since purchased a number of defibrillators and invested heavily in training to ensure a heart safe environment for all employees. The judges praised Ginsters for their ongoing commitment to ensuring and improving staff safety, using strategic thinking, consulting with key staff, evaluation and debriefing staff involved after any event to ensure they are rewarded and are offered support as required.


UK Heart Safe Gym of the Year – The Exercise Clinic

img 1302

The Exercise Clinic is an independent gym which offers Personal Training, Fitness Classes, Sports Therapy and Cardiac Rehabilitation. The aims of the professionally-trained instructors at The Exercise clinic are to endorse the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and in turn to reduce sedentary-related illnesses. The judges felt the Exercise Clinic deserved this award due to their company ethos, investment of personal time into fundraising, and their support of the wider community while also investing in key training, going beyond standard requirements.

The award was presented by category sponsor Cardiac Science’s UK Managing Director Shaun Ingram. Liam Croucher accepted the award on behalf of the Exercise Clinic and said: “I’d like to thank everyone in the organisation, I really appreciate the award and hopefully in the next few years, it will grow and spread and become much more popular as it needs to be.”


UK Heart Safe Educational Establishment of the Year – Glenalmond College

img 1285

Glenalmond College is a secondary boarding school 20 minutes drive into the Perthshire countryside. A very worthy winner, Glenalmond College increases the confidence both within the College and the wider community by empowering their students to be able to use a defibrillator and know what to do in an emergency. Judges commended the school for identifying the need for equipment and training before a major incident has even occurred especially given their isolated location.

The award was presented by Hand on Heart Project Manager Gina Harris and collected by Director of Development & Alumni Relations Maureen Marshall.


UK Heart Safe Community Responder Team of the Year – Lazonby & District Community First Responders

img 1321

Lazonby & District Community First Responders are a self financed community first responder group covering five local villages, with 14 voluntary members. The group organise monthly training sessions and have worked to increase their defibrillators and kit from 3 to 10, which significantly reduces their response time to an emergency. Judges felt the group deserve this award as they are an excellent example of communities working together to providing community cohesion with continued investment.

Peter Morgan accepted the award, presented by Hand on Heart Treasurer Emma Short, on behalf of the team and told us: “We’re really pleased to have received this award on behalf of all Community First Responders everywhere as we’re all self-financed and it’s good to have defibrillators in the community.”